Fashion needs ‘just right’ quantity of freshness, delivered at ‘just right’ quality and then presented beautifully.

At ODN, Fashion Experts deliver ‘just right’ online fashion retail solutions.

Powered by Years of e-Commerce Operations, Online Consumer Behaviour & Creative Content Understanding in Fashion Alone.


Think Potential…

Driving India’s Online Fashion

As India’s leading provider of digital fashion commerce solutions, ODN is already powering the e-commerce for almost 30 leading fashion brands in less than 7 months. Over 50 man years just in fashion coming together from the core team.

Defining Your Multi-Channel Act in India

 With many marketplaces plus own web-store, the Indian e-commerce operations become very complex. With deep know-how of Indian fashion e-commerce, we can help brands execute their multi-channel strategy

Partner For Success

ODN provides a full range of services ranging from shoots, marketplace management, fulfillments, warehousing and web-store management, all combined to bring our partners online. ODN is that one-stop shop for all fashion e-Commerce needs. 

Visibility To Scalability

ODN’s promise is to ‘Enable’ sellers to sell online, efficiently. We want all brands to focus on their core expertise and allow ODN to create visibility and scalability for them, ensuring reachability to over 100 million online customers in India.

ODN e-Commerce Solutions

ODN’s deep local knowledge of how Indian consumers shop online allows us to help brand partners create effective online sales experiences, no matter the platform.